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Couples facing infertility have, on average, more than 4 factors

contributing to their fertility struggle. Do you know yours? 


At Reply Fertility, we are committed to restorative reproductive medicine (RRM) to:

I. diagnose what’s wrong

II. treat what’s wrong

III. optimize your health for natural conception and a healthy pregnancy



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First Things First

If you are struggling with infertility, you deserve to know why. “Infertility” is not a diagnosis–it’s a symptom or sign that something is wrong. Restorative reproductive medicine (RRM) works by figuring out what is wrong (your diagnosis), and recommending treatments to restore and optimize your reproductive health.

If you are facing recurrent miscarriage, we work to address treatable underlying causes of your pregnancy losses.

How We’re Different From IVF

Assisted reproductive technologies like IUI and IVF are designed to skip over underlying problems and force a pregnancy; the goal is to maximize per cycle conceptions and live births. At Reply, we take the exact opposite approach: our “Finding & Fixing” program is designed to search out and treat underlying problems to restore and optimize reproductive function. Our goals are the health and well-being of every couple, natural conception, healthy pregnancies, and healthy babies.

Getting Started is Easy!

(15–30 minute virtual consultation)

Speak with one of our patient advocates to learn more about our program, timeline, fees, and to determine if Reply Fertility is a good fit for you.

(60-minute virtual clinical appointment for a couple)

Complete a new patient medical visit with one of our expert RRM clinicians. Your visit includes thorough review of your medical history and records (female + male), discussion of your health goals and any questions you may have, development of your master care plan, and reviewing your next steps.

(multi-disciplinary care until pregnancy or up to 12 months)

In the Finding Phase of our program, your team completes your medical evaluation, discusses pre-conception care and miscarriage risk,  and begins your fertility education, cycle reviews, and health coaching for lifestyle factors. We conclude this phase with a written Patient Finding Report that provides you with our findings and treatment recommendations.

In the Fixing Phase, you receive medical treatments and adjustments, coaching to optimize lifestyle factors, and confirmation that you are properly timing intercourse during your fertile window. You are now actively trying to conceive as we work as a team to optimize your reproductive health each cycle.

Convenient and Flexible Appointments

Our program uses telehealth appointments for convenience and to ensure both members of a couple can participate in visits. When in-person care is needed, our team coordinates your services locally.

At Reply, we have helped couples who have:

  • been trying to conceive for years
  • suffered multiple miscarriages
  • been told they are “too old”
  • been told they have low ovarian reserve
  • been told they have low sperm count
  • previously failed with IUI/IVF
  • been diagnosed as high-risk
  • nearly given up hope



Making Fertility Care Affordable

At Reply we are committed to making care as affordable as possible and to transparency in pricing. Our patient advocates are available to review financial details with you, and recommend steps to avoid financial stress, which is contrary to our care goals for you. More information is available at Fee Schedule & Insurance.

  • At this time, Reply Fertility is out-of-network. Program fees are the responsibility of patients and are required in advance of services.
  • We are pleased to offer financing via Care Credit, including a popular 6-month, no-interest plan.
  • We support patients with receipts they can use to file for out-of-network benefits with insurance.
  • Some services may be delivered as in-network with your insurance through local providers; this depends on your care plan and insurance coverage, and can be reviewed with your patient advocate.

Restorative Reproductive Medicine

The Restorative Reproductive Medicine (“RRM”) approach to care cooperates with and works to restore the normal physiology and anatomy of the human reproductive system. It respects each patient’s right to understand and cooperatively manage their own health and fertility, and does not use methods that suppress, circumvent or destroy natural functions of the body.

Infertility and Subfertility

For those suffering from infertility/subfertility, the Reply Fertility “Finding & Fixing” Program is designed to identify and treat underlying health problems and gynecological issues and help couples conceive naturally.

Become a Patient

Reply is welcoming new patients for infertility/subfertilty. Our collaborative approach allows you become a true partner in your care. We’re ready to listen to you and to create a customized plan based on your needs and goals. Join us today.

Our Team

Meet our expert team, dedicated to medical excellence, compassionate care, and the advancement of Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM).

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is based on observing and recording the body’s signs of fertility. This “cycle charting” provides important information about a woman’s reproductive and overall health.

Payment Plans with CareCredit

In addition to most insurance plans, we proudly accept the CareCredit credit card to help you finance your healthcare and pay outstanding balances quickly and securely so you can focus on what matters - your health.

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