KNDR HealthCare

KNDR HealthCare is a healthcare business services company founded by patient advocate Deborah Colloton following her personal experience with infertility. Frustrated by her sense that physicians didn’t do enough to explain, find, and treat the underlying causes of her infertility, she became a social entrepreneur to build for others the information resources and services she wishes had been available to her:

“I was lucky that I finally did find help, but it was only after almost two decades of suffering first from debilitating menstrual pain, and then from infertility. I had to claw my way, and I vowed to do everything I could to spare other women this trouble.”

KNDR’s mission is to develop an affiliated network of clinics in order to promote fertility awareness, serve women with the innovative cooperative restorative approach to healthcare, and provide a foundation for new research to improve outcomes for women’s reproductive health.

“When we founded KNDR, we asked women what they were looking for in their ob/gyn care,” reports Colloton. “We think of our project as a reply to what we heard from these women, and we think of the clinical care as a reply to the amazing workings of the female body.”

KNDR teamed with Dr. John Thorp and Dr. David Merrill to launch the Cary, North Carolina, Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility clinic in 2015, and is evaluating multiple locations throughout the U.S. as future clinic sites.