Emergency/After-Hours Contacts

If you are having a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1,
or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

• If you are pregnant, and think you are in labor or have an urgent pregnancy concern, please see our Pregnancy Contact Information below or click here for a downloadable PDF of this information.

• If you are a Reply patient with a non-emergency question or message, please contact us through our patient portal and we will respond the next business day and/or within 24 hours.

• If you are not currently a Reply patient or have another question or message for us, please contact us here, and we will respond the next business day and/or within 24 hours.

• If you would like to become a Reply patient, click here.


Pregnancy Emergency/After Hours Contact Information

Instructions below for paging the after-hours on-call physician for URGENT pregnancy problems.

If you are pregnant patient planning to deliver at WakeMed Cary Hospital and have an urgent medical need please call our after-hours number at (984) 207-3739.

If you are pregnant patient scheduled to deliver at UNC Hospital and have an urgent medical need please call the UNC after-hours physician pager*:

  1. Dial 919.216.2864
  2. Wait for a series of beeps
  3. Type in your complete 10-digit phone number
  4. Enter the # symbol to end the call or simply hang up
  5. Please allow 15 minutes for a physician to call you back as he/she may be working in labor and delivery
  6. If you do not receive a call back in 15 minutes, please page again

IF you do not receive a timely response from the UNC pager, you may call UNC labor and delivery directly at (984) 974-3422.

*Please note, this pager IS NOT active during the normal business hours of Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.

• If you are a post-surgical patient and need to reach us for an urgent medical concern related to the surgery, please call our after-hours number at (984) 207-3739.

• If you are not pregnant or post-surgery, but are experiencing an urgent medical problem, please go to your nearest hospital or urgent care center.

For A Google map to the WakeMed Cary Hospital, please click here.

For a Google map to UNC Women’s Hospital, please click here.

During regular business hours (M-Th 8am-5pm; Friday 8am-12pm)
pregnant patients also may find these resources helpful for additional questions and concerns:

  1. Reply Nurse Advice Line – 919.230.2100 option 2
  2. WakeMed Cary – wakemed.org/womens-pavilion-birthplace-cary-hospital
  3. In Labor WakeMed Cary Hospital patients please call 984.207.3739
  4. UNC Lactation Services – 984.974.8078
  5. UNC Maternity Tours – 984.974.8882; nchealthywoman.org