Empowered by
Fertility Awareness

–Reply patient Sarah L.

By tracking information about their fertility women can become empowered to play an active role in not only their reproductive health, but in their health and well-being as a whole. Reply patient Sarah L., 27 years old, reflects on her choice to end hormonal contraception and learn Sensiplan, a German method of natural family planning/fertility awareness offered exclusively at Reply:

“I’ve been on a couple different birth controls. One of my doctors told me to do the shot and I gained a lot of weight following that. My hormones felt all over the place. The side effects for me were hard to shake.”

When she heard from a friend about Sensiplan being offered at Reply, Sarah decided to try it. She was shocked that she had never learned about her signs of fertility before: “These are things that I feel like I should have been taught as a young woman!”

Sarah now tracks her fertility, and she and her husband successfully avoid pregnancy using Sensiplan. They also have the knowledge to use fertility awareness to try to conceive in the future. She sees her use of the natural family planning element of fertility awareness as part of her overall strategy for a healthy lifestyle, including clean eating, exercise, and avoidance of toxins in the environment. She says she feels more in tune with her body and understands why she feels certain ways at certain points in her cycle.

“Reply has been so amazing and eye-opening, which is wonderful. It blows my mind that we aren’t taught this.” Her hope is that more women are taught how to track the signs of their fertility: “It’s so, so important. I’ve told all my friends about it!”

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