I had a miscarriage in May. I was so devastated.

I went to a doctor who didn’t understand the philosophy behind NFP. After the miscarriage, I felt like I needed to see somebody who was on the same page and who could speak the same language I was speaking. I felt like there was something missing. I felt very strongly that I wanted someone who I could talk to about this.

A friend told me about Reply and I made an appointment with Dr. Rachel Urrutia. I feel like I was meant to see her. She was perfect. She was so wonderful. She gave me a lot of time because I had a lot of questions. She understood me. I was able to send my charts to Lori Hartley, the Director of Education. Lori and Dr. Urrutia being able to see my charts and compare test results with what my charts were showing was new to me. I had never had anyone do that before. She was able to say – “Yes, this is normal because on this day your hormone level was here and your signs of your fertility on your chart were here.” It blew me away that they were able to look at all that information. It was very eye-opening. Dr. Urrutia is a gem of a person and that is a very unique skill she has.

Lori was also great. I never actually met her – I worked with her over the phone. After receiving every round of test results she would call me very promptly and go over my results and compare them with my chart. She was very on top of things! I never felt like she had 100 other patients, which you know she does. She’d call me the same day as my test results came in. So I was really impressed by that.

Reply is clean and welcoming with a calm and modern décor. It looks like a magazine. Very comfortable. It is a very organized practice. The people are organized, the online system is good, the front office staff is very good. A lot of times in groups that understand NFP, they are really unorganized. At least in my experience with other practices, the flow of getting test results, billing, scheduling, medical records – has been very disorganized. Reply was different.

Dr. Urrutia would write messages right away and post them in the portal. And you better believe I was checking all the time so I really appreciated that! I was very anxious to find out what was going on, so I was grateful that they got back to me so quickly.

Denelle was really sweet. I had questions about medication and other things and she was very responsive. She was sweet to my daughter too because I had to bring my daughter to one of my appointments.

I had to call Sheila a couple times and she was great because I feel like she remembered me. When I called, she knew who I was. I really appreciated that. She helped with transferring medical records from my old practice. She was very on top of it. And a big part of what keeps everything organized. She’s the one who got me in so quickly.

Reply is comprehensive. Everyone was on the same page at Reply. And everyone was willing to look at all the parts, rather than just taking one piece at a time. I really just like their natural approach. Birth control is usually the first thing that doctors try to give you when there’s a problem, but that just covered up my problem. There are other things they can do. Maybe not everyone knows that. There are other things that can be done that are not birth control, Reply knows that.

There’s so much knowledge at Reply! It’s worth just going and seeing what they have to say! You might be surprised what you learn about your body. I wish more people would get educated. I wish I had been educated like this along time ago.

–Rachel R.

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