REPLY Telehealth

Reply telehealth allows you to meet virtually with your Reply provider or educator in a secure manner and from the privacy and convenience of home.

How Telehealth Works

Please follow these simple steps for Reply telehealth:

  • You may wish to check with your insurance carrier for details about telehealth coverage under your plan.
  • When you register as a patient at Reply, you are sent an email with log-in information and a password to access the Reply Patient Portal If you are an existing patient and cannot find the link, please contact our schedulers for assistance.

Infertility/Subfertility Services

For couples struggling to become pregnant, Reply offers a unique “Finding & Fixing” program. This program is designed to identify and treat underlying conditions, optimizing health so couples can conceive naturally.

The initial consult for a subfertility visit is part of the finding phase and can be completed via telehealth. You should plan for this visit to last approximately one hour. Topics will include:

  • review of patient history
  • evaluation of female and male factor issues
  • evaluation of lifestyle factors
  • discussion and plan for fertility awareness cycle tracking to gather data on your cycle
  • explanation of the entire “Finding & Fixing” program including special resources made available to patients in this program

Fertility Awareness Education

Fertility awareness can be used to help conceive, help avoid pregnancy, or for health monitoring/management. Learn more about fertility awareness.

Reply fertility educators are certified in four different fertility awareness methods. Our fertility educators can help you determine the method best for you, and all fertility education can be completed via telehealth.

Methods taught at Reply and typical learning times include:

To register for fertility awareness education at Reply, click here.

Start Your Telehealth Appointment Today

For questions about Reply telehealth services, please contact us at 919-230-2100.