Reply welcomes patients using any fertility awareness method, and our fertility educators teach four methods in-house: Listen Fertility™, Sensiplan™, Billings, and Marquette. Fertility awareness can be used for health monitoring and management, or to help become pregnant or prevent pregnancy. Visit our fertility awareness page to learn more.

Welcome to the Marquette Model!

The Marquette Model (MM) system was developed by professional nurses and physicians at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the late 1990s. The method uses the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, a handheld device that can be used at home. The monitor measures hormone levels in urine to estimate the beginning and end of the fertile window.

Why choose Marquette?

The Marquette Model is a good choice for:

  •  couples seeking to space pregnancies
  •  couples struggling with infertility
  •  breastfeeding women
  •  perimenopausal women
  •  women with irregular cycles
  •  women interested in monitoring their general health

The Marquette Method offers these additional benefits:

  •  no side effects
  •  highly effective when practiced properly
  •  promotes shared responsibility by woman and man
  •  promotes communication and intimacy
  •  can be used to become pregnant or to prevent pregnancy

Become a Patient

Reply is welcoming new patients for Marquette Model education, available via telemedicine. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 919.230.2100 or visit our Become a Patient page.