Welcome to Reply Centering!

CenteringPregnancy®, also known as “Centering,” is an innovative model of group prenatal care. The program provides many health benefits to mom and baby, as well as great group support during pregnancy. Women who choose Centering report higher levels of patient satisfaction with their prenatal care.

What are the Benefits of Centering?

  • Requires no waiting room time
  • Increases the time you spend with your provider in each group session
  • Offers a support network and allows women/couples to gain valuable knowledge from other women’s experiences
  • Decreases the risk of preterm delivery and postpartum depression
  • Offers extensive breastfeeding education and support

How Does Centering work?

Each session includes a prenatal check-up and provider-facilitated group discussion. If any patient requires additional individual appointments, these are scheduled for a separate time.

  • Each Centering group has up to 12 women/couples who are due to deliver within 4-5 weeks of each other.
  • The group meets at Reply with their Centering team for 10 sessions throughout pregnancy; each session is approximately two hours long.
  • A medical provider (physician or nurse practitioner) and nurse facilitate each session.
  • Each session includes an individual prenatal check-up and provider-facilitated group discussion. (If any patient requires additional individual appointments, these are scheduled for a separate time).
  • Group discussions include topics such as nutrition, body changes in pregnancy, common discomforts of pregnancy, relaxation techniques, preterm labor, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum care, and family planning.
  • Meeting times will be known in advance, allowing for more convenient scheduling around work or other commitments.
  • Participants receive a time-off request letter for employers that explains the benefits of Centering and includes the class schedule.
  • Groups also meet for a postpartum reunion to discuss their transition into parenting and hear group members’ birth stories.

Become a Patient

Reply is welcoming new obstetric patients into our Centering program. New Centering classes are opening continuously. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 919.230.2100 or visit our Become a Patient page. You may also learn more about Centering Prenatal Care through the Centering Healthcare Institute website at www.CenteringHealthcare.org.

*CenteringPregnancy is currently paused due to COVID-19