Reply welcomes patients using any fertility awareness method, and our fertility educators teach four methods in-house: Listen Fertility, Sensiplan, Billings, and Marquette. Fertility awareness can be used for health monitoring and management, or to help become pregnant or prevent pregnancy. Visit our fertility awareness page to learn more.

Welcome to Sensiplan!

Sensiplan™ is an evidence-based, peer-reviewed method of family planning developed over a period of decades in Germany. Reply fertility educators trained for two years with German medical instructors, and we are excited to introduce Sensiplan for the first time North America.

Sensiplan is a sympto-thermal method, meaning it tracks both physical symptoms (“sympto”) and body temperature (“thermo”). It can be used by couples trying to become pregnant, couples trying to avoid pregnancy, or by patients to help monitor their health. Of the various methods of fertility awareness, Sensiplan is the method with the greatest number of research studies and highest effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy.

Why choose Sensiplan?

For couples seeking to avoid pregnancy, Sensiplan has an established track record of effectiveness. As an alternative to conventional birth control, Sensiplan has many benefits:

  •  no side effects
  •  highly effective when practiced properly
  •  promotes shared responsibility by woman and man
  •  promotes communication and intimacy
  •  can be used to become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy
  •  has other benefits for health monitoring and healthcare management
  •  environmentally friendly
  •  requires no drugs or devices
  •  can be used over course of reproductive life
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Become a Patient

Sensiplan is taught by certified fertility educators both in-clinic at Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility and via telehealth. The complete course typically is taught over four 60-minute sessions. For a closer look or to order Sensiplan materials please visit For more information on billing and scheduling, please contact us at 919-230-2100 or visit

*It is recommended for women/couples to work with a certified fertility educator when learning any fertility awareness-based method to try to avoid pregnancy.